Monday, 21 May 2012

Top Ways of Generating Targeted Traffic

Picture this: if someone types in ‘best place for premium Wordpress themes’ in Google, and is redirected to your blog which specializes in premium WP themes, that’s targeted traffic right there!

In the SEO, SEM and IM industry, the ability to be able to get a large amount of traffic and visitors might be a good thing, however to be able to get the right kind of traffic, or ‘targeted traffic’ to your website, is an invaluable asset.

This is especially true when you look at things from a monetary perspective. Targeted traffic is traffic that comes to you from your niche; people who are interested in buying your products and/or services, and are interested in what you might have to offer. Traffic that leads to sales. This means that these are people who are most likely to respond to your CTA, and give you their money – which in turn means that targeted traffic is the kind of traffic that is converted into dollars, and translates into a steady stream of revenue.

The ability to get targeted traffic is an art, a skill. It requires precise marketing tactics, since you want to be able to reach out to as many potential customers and people in your niche as possible.

Creating backlinks might aid you in ranking well on Google, and getting a lot of traffic and visitors, but simply being able to rank well is no guarantee that you will be able to get targeted traffic, traffic that converts into money. So what exactly should you be incorporating into your SEO strategy, in order to attain the ability to get targeted traffic? Here are 8 tips:

1. Choosing the right keywords – According to Google, 20-25% of all search queries are new, which means that every day, one in every four search query is new and something that hasn’t been looked up before. This means that instead of choosing keywords that might have a lot of competition, you can instead choose to target new keywords that have very little to no competition, and rank for these keywords.

2. Value Proposition – What is your value proposition? What is it that you’re providing your customers? If you create something that is mind-blowingly good, and gives great value, your content will get shared on the internet, over social mediums, and through word-of-mouth, and help you get targeted traffic from your niche. Provide people with something valuable, and you will understandably get a lot of targeted traffic.

3. Guest Blogging – One of the most important (and free!) ways of getting targeted traffic is guest blogging. How or why you might wonder is guest blogging beneficial in terms of getting targeted traffic. By inviting guest bloggers from your niche to post on your own blog, or doing guests posts on other blogs, you create a valuable network of backlinks, increase exposure to your blog, and direct targeted traffic back to it. Guest blogging is a highly ‘whitehat’ link-building strategy as far as Google is concerned, and gets you high-quality content as well, something that Google absolutely loves.

4. Press Releases – Press releases is a form of traffic that can spread the word about your blog all over the world. Google loves press releases, and if done right, press releases can get you a massive amount of targeted traffic. The idea is to write story or content that will potentially generate a lot of buzz and hype within your niche, and promotes your business at the same time. After doing so, submit it on a PR submission service that will distribute your story to the audience, for instance, or any one of these from Mashable.

5. Email Marketing (Lists) – Lists are another invaluable way of getting targeted traffic to your blog. A good email list or subscription list will be filled with contact information of people who are already interested in hearing from you and knowing about what you have to offer (which is why they subscribed to your list in the first place). In other words, your list is already a goldmine of contact information of people within your niche. You can use this to your advantage and use these lists to reach out to these people. You can also buy targeted email lists for your own niche (category), such as the ones being provided by Emarketing Solutions.

6. Connect with People – Connecting with people such as social influencers, prominent bloggers, people with high social networking potential, media mavens, and other authority figures will allow you to develop relationships with them, and not only will this help you grow your business, but socializing is usually a lot of fun.

7. Submitting Blog on Content Directories and Aggregators – As a rule of thumb, submit your content to aggregators and syndication websites such as, and, as well as directories like Digg, Reddit and StumpleUpon that find and recommend content to their users. These portals can help you get targeted traffic easily for days on end, on autopilot!

8. Newsletter Syndication – Why pay newsletters to put your ad, when you can do the same for free, by simply submitting an article. When others would pay money for advertisement, you cane easily get solo ads for free by submitting just one good article. This allows you to get instant exposure (especially if it’s a magazine a lot of people subscribe to), and a lot of traffic from within your niche. 


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